Friday, January 20, 2012

My Friday Five - Week 1

Here are some of the things that I do to save money.  I hope some of these are helpful:

1)  Turn off the TV.  When my kids were young, and I was the only adult in the house all day while my husband was at work, I had the TV on all of the time.  Just as background noise.  I can't even say I actually watched much of it, but it was on.  And you know what else was on?  Ads.  Lots of them.  But a few years ago, I realized that I wasn't watching anything, and I decided to listen to music instead.  It's been a great switch.  And I no longer get caught up on the latest fads or gadgets.  I don't even know what movies are playing in the theaters.  I spend less.  And I don't miss it at all.

2)  Don't go to the mall for entertainment.  This sounds simple.  But many people do it.  I used to do it.  When it's cold and snowy here, and you really want to get out of the house, it's a natural destination.  But I stopped doing that a long time ago.  I replaced it with walks outside (even in the cold), trips to the library and even trips to the dollar store.  It's a lot cheaper!

3) The 30 day rule.  When I want to make a big purchase, I wait 30 days to think it over.  This came up recently when I decided to buy a sewing machine.  I hand sew some things now and thought it might be a good investment.  After waiting it out, I realized that I probably won't really sew my own curtains or pillows.  I don't have the time - or talent - to take on those projects.  And even if I want to give it a try, I can probably borrow one from a friend.  So, I'm glad I waited and thought about it more.  I mean, do I really need another bread maker, or ice cream machine sitting in a closet?

4)  Write a list.  I love lists  A lot. So this is easy for me.  I always write down what I am shopping for - whether it's the grocery store or the hardware store.  And I stick to it (most of the time).  It keeps me focused - when I'm looking for certain products, I'm not distracted by things I don't need.

5)  Start a garden.  Ok this one I have not tried.  I'm a little nervous about it actually.  But I plan to grow tomatoes this summer.  I just have to figure out how to keep all of the critters away.  :-)  I know it will save us a bundle and if it's successful, I plan to grow more things next year.  I really hope I have a green thumb.


  1. I think you are my long lost daughter! LOL! My kids are grown but I too do not even turn on T.V. until the evening news and sometimes I even skip that. I think I was born with a list in my hand...I have all kinds! And I follow almost everything you listed. The closest mall is 2 hours away and as for purchases....I have been looking at single serve coffee makers for 2 years now and researched them and have finally decided I will purchase one...2 years...I think that's long enough! Ha! Ha!
    As for the gardening, I was a big gardener and my children are now too but since I've moved to the South I have a new learning curve as everything changes from region to region. Check out the Mother Earth News website. They have all kinds of info on gardening and self-sufficiency and saving money! You'll do great! Just start small. Thanks for sharing and glad to know I am not alone in my "frugality"! LOL!

  2. I also keep my T.V. turned off. I try to make a barricade around my family that advertisers can't penetrate. I have also limited the magazines that come into the house. Barred are the magazines that advertise expensive clothes, makeup and jewelry that I don't need. Most of our T.V. viewing is done through Netflix, so there are no commercials.